Nephrite is the less valuable and more abundant of two different mineral species called jade. The other one is jadeite (jade). Nephrite is often mistaken for jade, but it is less hHard than it.
The name nephrite is derived from ‘lapis nephriticus’, the Latin version of the Spanish ‘piedra de ijada’. Nephrite is also another name for kidney stone, which already reveals a lot concerning the healing properties of this stone.
Its color ranges from white to the more usual dark green and shades of grey – green with white spots.

In gemstone therapy, nephrite is succesfully used against bed wetting, and it’s certainly the best stone for all kidney ailments. If tension or anxiety is involved, it would be useful to combine nephrite with tourmaline – quartz.

Drinking  nephrite – elixir can be very strengthening for the kidneys. Gemstone elixirs are made by placing the cleaned stone in a clear glass or crystal container with pure water and placing this in sunlight for several hours. It is important to minimize your direct physical contact with the stones and water in order to keep the crystal energy from absorbing your own energy and effecting the elixir.

Older dogs or cats with urinary diseases can also benefit from wearing a nephrite, of course in combination with the use of regular medicine.

Nephrite has a beneficial effect on all heart – chakra related issues, and is also considered to be good for emotional balance and stability. It has strong, energetic cleansing properties.


nephrite Magical Healing Properties of the Gemstone Nephrite
keyword cleansing
color white to dark green, shades of grey – green with white spots
chakra heart
zodiac sign Libra, Cancer
characteristics · works well for the bladder and against all bladder complaints
· best stone for all kidney ailments
· calms mood swings
· creates harmony and creativity

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