Onyx is a black type of agate. Its black color rarely occurs in nature, and this is also the reason why most onyx is in fact burned agate. Light colored agate is burned with honey, and then becomes black.
This may seem a very unnatural thing to do, but it isn’t: only natural materials are used and no chemical substances are added. The same process was already applied in old Egypt.

Except for black onyx there is also black and white onyx, and reddish brown-white onyx, often called sardonyx.
Of course the healing properties of all these types of onyx differ, but they have this in common: they all belong to the element of earth and the material body.

Black onyx works fine for chaotic people who are easily distracted and for people who experience a lack of concentration. The best choice for people who experience grounding problems, is a black compact onyx. It makes them well rooted, stronger and determind. Onyx is however not recommended for people who are rather severe and melancholic, because it would only amplify these characteristics.

Black and white onyx is a stone which – by its alternation of white and black layers – promotes a good inner balance by linking the base and crown chakra, which will of course benefit the wearer.

Sardonyx is used to make cameos, or to engrave symbols in seal rings. It is said to promote happiness, success and to attract friendship.

Onyx is primarily associated with the root chakra, especially suitable to promote concentration and an ideal gemstone to put on your office desk.

onyx Magical Healing Properties of the Gemstone Onyx
keyword focus
color black, black-white, reddish brown-white
chakra root
zodiac sign Capricorn, but also useful for Cancer, Pisces
characteristics · grounding
· promotes seriousness and determination
· valuable in difficult times, against confusion
· promotes strength and self control
· used to banish grief

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