The word ‘opal’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ which means precious stone. It is one of the most powerful gems.

Opal differs from other gemstones in being not a crystalline body, but a solidified jelly, with varying percentages of water. It is subdivided in three groups: black opal, white opal, milk opal and Boulder opal; fire opal; and common opal. The first group contains the most expensive gemstones and  displays a luster of rainbow colors which constantly changes. This is called ‘opalescence’. The reddish and orange – colored stones known as fire – opal have pronounced color and only slight milkiness ; they display the customary opalescence in certain directions. If an opal lacks the typical play of colors, it is called ‘common opal’. Common opal is untransparent and shows no variegations.

Opal is sometimes said to be a stone which brings misfortune. Of course this isn’t true, but where does this rumour comes from?
The answer lies in the connection between gemstone therapy and astrology. Opal is a true Pisces – stone, ruled by Neptune. Anyway, Neptune – energy is never easy to handle, but I would never recommend opal to people who have an afflicted Neptune (a Neptune who makes unfavorable aspects with the other planets in the horoscope) in their birth – chart.
Another odd fact: especially those people are frequently attracted to this stone.

Opal is also strongly connected to the law of karma, and it is absolutely recommended to purify your thoughts and your motivation prior to wearing an opal. The soothsayers of old claimed that the opal was sacred to truth and altruism; any attempt to use it for selfish ends or injury to another was doomed not only to fail but to bring ill luck to the owner.

When this stone is not appropriate for someone, he will not find it or simply lose it. But when the right time has come, it simply emerges.
The intuitive choice for opal generally heralds a turbulent time in your life because it triggers change on a large scale, this can be either in a positive or in a negative way.

Although opal is seldom included in modern day gemstone – therapy, it can be usefull in case of depression. Its beautiful, iridescent colors revives and rejoices. Opals are especially suitable for people who are born under a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and it is said that opal enhances the positive characteristics of those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

If opal is stored too dry or exposed to heat over a long period of time, it will show fissures and the colors will become paler. Therefore, opal should be worn as often as possible on the skin, only then it will receive the needed amount of humidity from the air and the skin of the wearer.
Always handle it with care.


opal Magical Healing Properties of the Gemstone Opal
keyword: instant karma
color: from clear through white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, shore, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black
chakra: depends on the color
zodiac sign: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio (Black opal), Aries (Boulder opal)
characteristics: · brings luck to its owner when used for good and unselfish purposes
· gives foresight and even prophetic ability
· grants a clear brain and an excellent memory to the wearer
· the stone most frequently chosen or worn by artists·

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